Programme of fringe events and trainings

Meetings, presentations, seminars and trainings take place at GPEC 2018 that are of particular significance for the participation of relevant members of authorities and their exchange with each other and with the product manufacturers and solution providers.

Most topics are in German language only except for the International Conference Police of the Future with simultaneous translation and some presentations/lectures given in the two Forums in the exhibition hall.

Here are the first topics; Program is constantly updated.

Conferences, seminars, workshops


By invitation only / Closed sessions:

  • Specialized conference Weapons and Equipment, organized by the PTI of the German Police University DHPol
    This annual official specialized conference takes place every two years at GPEC from 2016 onwards and not in Nuremberg!
  • Session of the Heads of the technical departments of the German Federal Police
  • Session of the official working group "Command and Operational Equipment", established in the year 2016 with representatives from the Federal and Länder governments on behalf of the UA FEK (AG FEM) of the AK II of the IMK
  • Meeting of the Multinational Dismounted Soldier Equipment User Group (DSEUG) in cooperation with the NSPA NATO Support and Procurement Agency
  • Meeting of official Police Trainers
  • Meeting of the Secretary of State of the Ministry of the Interior and for Sports Hessen and the stakeholders of public security in Hessen
  • Yearly meeting of the representatives of police and nonpolice public security organizations
Forums, special presentations, trainings