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Recognised and trusted throughout the defence community since 1984, IHS Jane's Defence Weekly boasts a strong international audience across 195 countries (BPA Brand Report December 2015) comprising of the world's most senior defence porfessionals.

Tri service news:

  • Exclusive breaking stories
  • Analysis behind braking stories
  • Issues & events
  • Platforms & components
  • Satellite imagery reports


In-depth analysis:

  • Geopolitics
  • Interviews
  • Implications

"Must have in the military operational and conceptual world inorder to coordinate what is possible and what is not (realistically) in the procurement world."

(Deputy Chief of Defense Forces, Germany - Defence Departments/Ministries/Joint Chiefs of Staff)
"Very valuable, global and up to date coverage. My preferred publication for many years."
(Deputy Permanent Secretary of Defence - Defence Departments/Ministries/Joint Chiefs of Staff)